Digital Fan Clubs | digital devotion
Building paid and free subscription fan clubs on mobile and tablets with all social interactions in a single app, designed to monetize fan bases.
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About Digital Fan Clubs

Digital Fan Clubs powers paid and free subscription fan clubs on mobile and tablets. It combines all social interactions in a single app – giving branded personalities tools to monetize their fan base through subscription, merchandise, tickets, and music sales. This will change the way you interact with fans forever. Your fans can have all the news, events, videos, photos and communication from you – the object of their desire – delivered to the phone in their very own pocket.
Your app is customized and branded, a one stop shop for all fans and fan communication. We provide a team to harvest fan intelligence, help upload content, create campaigns, and devise strategies for fan communication and generating revenue from the app.
We give you all of your fans contact information and tell you where they are. The geo-location of your fans enables you to send email and push notifications to fans in a particular neighborhood, city, country or continent – creating constant and compelling communication. And all of your communication to other social networks can be sent out from within your own branded app.
Fans want to get closer to you. They identify with everything about you. They can comment on posts, share your events or music, videos and text posts out to their social communities as ambassadors to your brand. They receive exclusive content pushed directly to their phone and other devices and, more importantly, they get geo-targeted notifications directly and immediately on their phone.