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Building paid and free subscription fan clubs on mobile and tablets with all social interactions in a single app, designed to monetize fan bases.
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Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble might be OK if you owned the bubble. But what if Big Brother owns the bubble? And what if someone else has control over the air you breath or the information and content that feeds your brain – in this bubble?   We...

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11 February
  |   Social Networks

Walking Dead

Social media is dead. That is what I found during  my half way around the world trip a couple of weeks ago. I had 40 meetings in 10 days. It was my version of a walk in the desert. I met people in music management,...

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24 June
  |   Social Networks

By any other name

Musicians, athletes, celebrity chefs - everyone with a large fan base is constantly reminded of how important their brand is. It is the currency of success. And yet it is hard to measure its value. It can be a combination of reputation, number of fans...

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10 February