Digital Fan Clubs | The new gold rush
Mobile fan apps are the new gold rush. It's time to stake a claim to your own mobile fan app.
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The new gold rush


The new gold rush

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Gold-nuggetBack in the early days of MySpace it used to be so annoying to find that as an artist someone had already highjacked your page. Not much has changed since then. Although some social networks now make it possible to stake out an official page, the new battle field for Talent’s personal identity is in the app stores.


Fans are increasingly forced to filter through tons of google and app store search results to find the “Official” source of everything they want from their favorite artist or athlete. But much like the illustrations in the children’s books “Where’s Waldo,” with dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location, it is hard to find the real artist in a sea of unofficial.


Rihanna has about 50 apps on the iTunes app store, many of which cost money to buy. And there are three times as many on Google Play. None of them are official. Do fans know this when they go to download them? Probably not. But it is certain that you do not want someone else masquerading as you.

This is not just about name and likeness rights (which can easily be enforced in the app stores); it is about your ability to monetize your own fan base, to mine your own fan data and to share the love.  You have worked hard to build a relationship with your fans. They are you golden nuggets and you should hold onto them.