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The WhatsApp purchase increased the value of your fans. Now go out and get them back! That's what's up!
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What’s up?

What’s up?

  |   Facebook

dollar-sign-smallThe value of a fan is up. Facebook just paid $45 per user to buy WhatsApp. A $19 billion purchase. But once again it is not you, the content creator, the brand who is being followed by fans, that is being rewarded. It is the smart tech guys who created yet another social mobile network. It could have been you being paid for your fans. But it’s not too late.


Facebook paid $28 per user to acquire Instagram. They were bankrolled by Wall Street based on their own user value of $90, three times as much as they are willing to pay for the users of other social networks. And they are using their cash to buy up as many users and fans as they can, so they can charge you, me and everyone else to communicate with each other. There’s nothing wrong with this in principle. We pay to talk to people on the phone, so why not pay to chat to each other on our phones?


There wouldn’t really be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that most of the fans/users on Facebook are there to follow musicians and artists (9 of 10 most Liked Facebook pages are artists). It is your fans that have lined Facebook’s coffers.


It’s not too late to create a direct communication channel with your fans, to own your own social network, to be able to monetize the relationship you have with your fans. They are your fans. All you need is your own branded social mobile fan app. Then it will be your value that goes up. It will be you who is the smart tech guy/girl with the killer app.


That’s what’s up. The value of your fans!